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LADU 180 - WebCam 

The LADU WebCam is specially designed to go beyond the borders of traditional Web Cameras. Using the Kodak DC200+ and a Kodak fisheye lens, the LADU NetCam captures images in 180, a wider field of view than any other Web Cameras. Viewers can even interact with WebCam images to look beyond the bounds of the opening view and investigate the complete scene.


LADU WebCam also gives users the ability to create a "back hemisphere," another 180 image seamed together with the WebCam shot to create a complete 360 x 360 image. Back hemispheres can be mirror images of the WebCam picture or can display logos or other graphical information.

Along with real time image broadcasting, the LADU WebCam is also designed to capture and save archive images for indexing on Web sites.

Where can the LADU WebCams be used:

Office link to remote offices in real time
Homes monitor child care or elderly care
Classrooms view student projects or day care centres
Events provide online access for concerts, rallies, etc.
The Great Outdoors check current weather in other locations

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