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Vistit Bavarias famous Beer gardens 

Prost!! If you can still stand upright after seeing all these beer gardens 360x360 you are better than me. I love to have the job of the guys taking these great photos. Well someone has to do it.


Africa see this fascinating continent with a 360 View

Have you ever starred a Rhino close up in the eye? Here you can. This Site is one of the most amazing contribution to the world of spherical photography. Well done.


Walk the Great Wall of China

Getting puffed out by climbing the great Wall. No worries here, all easy from the arm char in 360x360. What wonderful piece of work, I mean the wall and the photos. Astounding site.


Visti the European Alps

See some of the magnificent Mountain Views in the World, thanks to the people of the world can see what the impression "to be on the roof of the world" means. This site is our favorite.


Visit Colone on the River Rhine

The River Rhine and a beautiful stroll trough the city of Cologne. An nice presentation of a virtual city tour.



Have you ever been on the Red Square in Moscow?

Dobre roboti. This is a wonderful view of what was hidden for too long from one part of the world. Nice to see 360x360 that humans around the world can watch each other without having to watch each other.





Get the thrill of white water rafting on the California Rivers

I got an adrenalin rush watching these dare devils flying down the white water rapids of the California Rivers. This is wild rides with great views, yeeehaaa mate good stuff.


Virtual Tour of Hyperbaric Chamber

See it without getting the claustrophobic feeling. Always try to let this be the only way to see these cambers. If you a diver you know what I mean. What a great way to use 360x360 Bubble view photography in education.





Climb on board of this beautiful sailing yacht the Maleha Nui

No seasickness on board of this majestic timber yacht. See it and you will get a woof of sea breeze in your nose where ever you are. It is just like a ocean crossing, relaxing to watch, but at the same time a great adventure.


Mini Perspectives

Here you can climb inside 3 Mini Cars, a Messerschmitt, the BMW Isetta and the Mini Cooper. Yes they where driving these cars. And some still do. I just can not figure out how the tripod did fit into the cars to take these great pichtures?


Get the felling what it must be like sitting in a Porsche911 Targa

Now this spells car, fast car, brooomm. Yes I want one too. See the photos and you will see you put that on your wish list too, but then again a BMW Isetta wouldn't be bad too.....




Real Estate - Buildings:

See how a Virtual Tour through a house looks like 

This is a very good example of how a well done virtual tour should be laid out.


A collection of beautiful indoor photos of historical buildings

In general buildings which have been build before they even knew the word photography are the best to be photographed. By the way they knew the word spherical then already. This is a amazing web site.




The Frick Collection Virtual Tour

OnLine Art Collection allows you to see their magnificent art objects in 360. One of the nicest and most informative art and antique collections on the internet. Virtual Tour in its perfection.




The Great Indoors a online shop using 360 photos to show their products

Now that is the stuff of the future and we are already there. Shop till your line drops. Online shopping with a 360x360 view.



Get the FREE Ipix PlugIn  for the high resolution LADU Round View Pictures

(not needed for the java viewer version of LADU photos.)