Not just a Panorama View.

In LADU Round View Photos you can even see up and down.

Using Round View Photography we are able to create virtual tours of your business.

Give your customers the chance to see your business and its surrounding before they visit.

With spherical photography it is the first time that a person who is viewing a photo is capable of seeing the full picture.

Using a pointer on the screen a photo on a computer can be moved in all directions.

The same as if one would look UP-DOWN-BACK-FORWARD-LEFT-RIGHT

Thus the name:



To cut a long story short, if they say a picture speaks a thousand words then Round View 360x360 Bubble Photos can even translated that in all languages.

You will find on our site a collection of photos we have taken and many interesting links to amazing web sites of spherical photographic artist worldwide.

If you think that this photos can be of value to your site contact us and let us know what you envision. We can help you to work out the best plan to use LADU Photography in its full potential to enhance your site. If your location is out of our reach we will track a colleague or photographer in your area.

To find out more about how we do that or even how you can become a LADU spherical photographer click here.

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Wire man

The first time since the invention  of photography is it now possible to view a photo that can be navigated in 360x360 in all direction.

















Round View Photos, Bubble View Photos or simple 360x360 pics we use many different terms to describe what we are doing.

With an every growing number of VR Artists around the world and the strong support of the gurus who had the idea in the first place the graze has its place in the internet. Web sites fitted with these amazing photos draw visitors like bees are drawn to honey.

The photos can be implemented on web pages, CD-ROMs, Floppy Disks or they can be send via e-mail.

Several Photos can be animated to a virtual tour.


To view the picture click and move the pointer hand in any direction.

Near to centre of the picture SLOW movement - further away from centre faster movement

Find in the centre a magnifying glass + to ZOOM IN and - to ZOOM OUT

Right mouse button for menu


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Who can profit from LADU Round View Photos